Sunday, June 28, 2015

Scab Mohawk aka Dog Vegas

My human doesn't know what I did, and I'm not telling. I have a scab mohawk. It's mine, and will soon heal. What happens at home when you're at work stays at home.

you're still wondering what I did to my nose

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Carapa Goes to the Vet

My sister (or daughter) Carapa has terrible allergies. She's much more comfortable on flea control and Apoquel, but because it's a magical drug made of unicorn kisses, it's on backorder a lot. She hasn't had an ear infection in a while, then ran up to my human with her ear flopping like a cozy pillow! Uh-o Carap.

a little help here
They drained her ear and put medicine in it to keep it from filling back up. Carapa may need surgery if her ear keeps refilling, so paws crossed for luck! She got a manicure/ pedicure while she was there. Why do humans think having their nails done is pampering? Just rub our tummies and everyone wins.

seatbelt evasion skills

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sing It, Shy!

Please sing to Carl Douglas' Kung Fu Fighting: 

Shyla was online shopping

how difficult could this be?
Her paws were quickly popping
all four!
Buying treats without stopping

my tail wags with anticipation
Her human's bill may be whopping

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


There was a compromise this morning: I got to stay on the bed and snuggle if I quit trying to get breakfast before the alarm went off. At first I wasn't sure if this was worth it, so I poked my human's chin with my sharp, newly trimmed nails. I quickly ended up on the floor.

is it time to eat now? how bout now?

Eventually I gave up, and curled up with her arm around me, petting my belly. That is, until the alarm went off!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Nurse Shyla to the Rescue

My human and I were settling in for the night when we got the call. A vacationing dachshund was in trouble! We grabbed my seat belt and dashed to the hospital, spurred by the image of his increasingly swollen face.

He happily licked my person's hand as she gave him injections to reverse the swelling. Before our eyes, his cute little noggin went back to it's normal, easy-to-breathe shape.

saving cute lil animals before bedtime

The next day his grateful human picked him up from camp, as good as new. Thank you for saving the day with the quick thinking phone call, Auntie Colleen!       

Friday, June 12, 2015

Keep Colorado Weird

The thunder, lightening, and hail raged on as final preparations were made for the Denver Chalk Art Festival.  

weather is relative
My humans regretfully made other plans, then awoke to a warm sunny day.

y'all saw what happens when I get wet

Many artists were furiously working away as some ominous raindrops fell.

The sun prevailed! The festival did not end in the same fashion as the carousel horse race in Mary Poppins.

dear rain, we need you but please do not touch my paws

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fix it Herself: Fridge Handle

As the petite lady grasped the fridge handle, it ripped off in her hands. Oops. Was she the Incredible Hulk in disguise? An Amazon? Or was the fridge 2.5 years old and plastic breaks? Yes my friends, C was the most likely answer.

we are prepared if the freezer handle breaks too

My uncle ordered the part, and I supervised while he bolted it on. I could do these things if I only had a thumb.

so much excitement!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fix it Herself: The Instructionless Cabinet

The filing cabinet sat in pieces under the bed. Instructions were searched for but not found. With nothing to lose, we laid out the surfaces and tried to guess what went where. I helped a lot. 

keeping your spot warm
Slowly it came together. The drawer was the tricky part.

see how pawy I am?

Kitten Snack

As my humans were making their meandering journey back to pet my belly, they found a kitten in the park. He had a stubby little tail and was chewing on a pineapple rind. He instantly started purring when they cuddled him, and an internet search was mounted.

cuteness tractor beam
Could the kitten accompany them home? Air China said yes. The railway from Shanghai to Beijing said no. As their hearts broke a little, an artist in the park started playing with the small one. The kitten frolicked over the parchments, ink, and calligraphy...instead of getting angry, the man beamed at him.

cats smell delicious
Relieved, my humans watched the feline bewitch his new friend. And thus, I did not get my cat snack.