Thursday, December 22, 2016


The first time Nacho was found with a couple candy wrappers (no types dangerous to dogs), no one thought anything of it. Maybe they had fallen behind the furniture long ago and he had simply ferreted them out. 

Psst...look adorable

One day he was discovered with a licorice wrapper in his mouth, and a search was mounted. Couch cushions were flipped and furniture was crawled under. Where was his secret stash?

this bag is also delicious

On the coat rack, they found a reusable grocery bag with a shredded corner. It was full of forgotten snack size Halloween candy! 

Are you going to eat that?

The biggest mystery was still how Nacho managed to restrain himself and not gobble everything when he first discovered it... 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pre-party Misadventure

My humans rushed around getting ready for their first office party at my mom's new engineering firm, suddenly noticing their multivitamins and anti-inflammatories had been raided. Nacho happily stood there scarfing down the remaining medication and packaging.  

Anything I'm not supposed to eat?

They scurried around in their dress clothes, trying to decide what to do, and then tried to induce vomiting at home.

The fake snow on my nose is also delicious. 

The first method didn't work. Finally, success! They were rewarded with a bag of pills that he tried to eat again.

Evidence of Nacho being angelic

Nacho and the evening were saved, and his follow-up blood work showed happy kidneys.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Adventure at the Blue Lagoon

My humans wandered into the warm water, exiting through a submerged door.  They swam through the large outdoor part of the Blue Lagoon to watch the sun rise.

Humans enjoy this wet stuff?
The wind came up, and they were grateful for the toasty, opaque water. While happily taking pictures toward the end of their hypothermic honeymoon, they suddenly dropped their waterproof cell phone into the current.

Sunset phone search
They spent the rest of the evening feeling the bottom of the pools with their feet, and checking the rocky creviced sides of the lagoon. Just as they thought about giving up hope, they felt the phone beneath their feet! Dang. Persistence paid off again.