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Play Date

Today Mr Bentley and Royce came over to visit. We sniffed bums, then slept on pillow forts.  

We begged for table scraps.  Why don't dogs get lunch?

We helped with homework.  You're welcome.

#PlayDate #Snuggle #ResistanceIsFutile #PillowFort

Fix it Herself: The Sink is Leaking!

Sometimes I'm really busy napping. This may be why it's taken several weeks to check out the slowly leaking kitchen sink... oops.

I moved all the wet under the sink items, cleaned up the water, and got ready to investigate. I may have licked up some of the water before my human could stop me. Delicious.

I held the mag light, and we turned on the water. No leaks on either side. Then we turned on the sprayer and two droplets sneaked down the braided hose. My human unscrewed the nozzle, checked the gasket, then tightened the nozzle back down. She turned on the sprayer and turned the nozzle every which way, trying to get it to leak again. No more drops appeared. Mystery solved? We shall see my friends, we shall see.

Until next time. Zzzzzz.

#ChickenLittle #TheSkyIsFalling #Procrastination #OlympicNap

Rain Rain Don't Go Away

Hey folks there's a drought.  As little rain as San Diego receives, you can easily reuse it with rain barrels!  You'll even get a rebate when you buy them.
We installed our first rain barrel months ago and checked it's full!  We used some of the collected rain to water the plants.

I helped my human install another rain barrel. The only bad part was drilling into the metal rain gutter because of my bionic dog ears.  My classy human tried to use a table she found in the alley but it wasn't tall enough.  Cinder blocks did the trick.  Is there anything they can't do?

#DogGoggles #OllyOllyOxenFree #OllieOllieOxenFree #RainBarrel #SaveWater

I'll Make You Famous

The kennels are painted! The kennels are painted! Although functional and certainly comfortable, the boarding suites were looking a little outdated. Sorry. Luxury boarding is a thing these days. My fellow canines and I were pretty smart when we became human's best friend.

Can you tell who inspired the dog in the tree? Our artist was very careful to make sure he didn't expose any pets to fumes. Thank you Will!

#LuxuryBoarding #InkPaint #WilliamSalas #PetMural #DoggieDaycare #CagelessBoarding #YoungGuns


Road trips are way better than being crammed under a plane seat.  My food and bowls and crate and leash and carrier were packed.  I was seat belted in beside my Grandpa, and we were off to Lake Havasu.

There was a car with three (full size, not pygmy) goats sunning themselves on the roof and hood! We stopped in Glamis and wished for ATVs.

The inn was surrounded by places to sniff.  I was welcomed by their sign.

The next morning my humans crated me and went to breakfast.  I surprised them when they returned!

We saw the London Bridge and I was welcomed into the Visitor's Center.  They had a doggie water bowl inside.

We took a ferry to the casino and back and visited the fenced in dog park.  My Gpa got me a holiday outfit!  I needed another snooze after our adventures.
#LakeHavasu #Roadtrip #DogPark #Glamis #JumpingtheShark #LondonBridge

Fix it Herself: Masonry

The end piece of our cinder block wall had been missing for... ahem... since we moved in. Spiders made their home in the hollow section (they tasted like chicken). One day we noticed puzzle pieces in the dirt below.  Woo hoo!

My human finally brought home some concrete patch so that I could repair the block. We glued the pieces back together and waited for them to dry.  I took lots of naps in the meantime.  Then we reattached the piece to the wall.  Goodbye arachnids, hello nicer looking fence!

#DoItHerself #FixItHerself #Arachnophobia #PuzzlePieces #AceHardware

Cat Dog

My humans joke about me being a cat-like dog. I bathe myself frequently.  I nap a lot but wouldn't you?

I'm very flexible and could easily teach Doga.

#Doga #Yoga #CatDog #Carapo #PotHound


What if I merged with these cords?  Could I order food, toys, and mind blog? Introducing the reign of the Dogborg.  Luckily for the world I spend most of my hours napping.

#Dogborg #Futurama #TakeMeToYourLeader

Car Bed

My humans have trouble getting up in the morning.  I thwart them by snuggling, keeping them warm, and my cute powers.

I wish their cupboards automatically filled themselves like my food bin.

I think we should put wheels and autopilot on the bed.  I'm also in favor of Pee Wee Herman's Breakfast Machine and the Jetsons conveyor belt through the automatic shower to their vehicles.

#BreakfastMachine #Jetsons #CarBed #Snuggling #CutePowers #SpaceleysSprockets #LosSupersonicos

Fix it Herself: Mulch...Free.99

The Miramar Landfill has free or inexpensive mulch, compost, and wood chips.  Our landscaping needed some love, so my humans put my seat belt on and I got excited to ride in the car.

We drove on windy landfill roads past trucks and heavy machinery I'd like to ride on to a dirt road. We arrived at the piles of free mulch and I needed a pit stop.  I waited impatiently and got tangled in my leash while my humans filled the tarp lined trunk, a garbage can, and bags in the backseat.  Up to two cubic yards were free for city residents if you loaded it up yourself!

At home we had already picked up my poop, pulled weeds, and put weed blockers down (a great way to recycle boxes).  I ran around supervising while my yard was filled with mulch! They even filled a hole we dug so we could dig there again. The new smells were exhilarating.  
#MiramarLandfill #SanDiego #FreeMulch #BillyOcean