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Puppies to the Rescue!

Our uncle was in trouble! We raced to northern California to check on him. We were forced to stay in a cabin in the beautiful redwoods, because it's hard to find accommodations for our entire furry family. 

Pound for pound, shouldn't we be allowed in establishments for only two fur kids <bats long doggie eyelashes>?  

Our humans took us on a long hike to tire us out, and we napped while they visited our favorite uncle. 

On arrival, he was doing much better! They played ping pong, basketball, and did yoga together. Before we left, they found a dog-friendly steam train that went through the redwoods! 

I charmed some little girls, who dragged their mother over to sit by us. They petted me the entire hour we chugged along the tracks. 

We headed back during the eclipse, stopping for Noah's puppy bagels on our way. Happily, the world has gone to the dogs.

Your Food Must Be Tastier Than Mine

Nacho staggered around the room, panting and shaking and arching his back.

My moms gathered around him, checking out his cute little body for clues. Why was he acting so strange? 

While searching the house, they discovered a chewed up empty ziplock bag. Our bloodhound buddy Moksha had come to visit, and her food and pills were gone.

Relieved the mystery was solved, they helped him vomit while he tried to eat everything all over again. Nacho!

Thunder Hike by Mr Bacchus

We happily hiked down the red dirt path, answering pee mail left for us by other dogs. The soil glittered along the dry river bed.  We hopped over smooth stones as the orange rainbow rock formations rose above the trees, our only clue this wasn't Mars.

At the end of the trail, a short climb offered sweeping views of the canyon while someone played a flute (this is not a joke...we thought we were in The NeverEnding Story).

We hung out with our Grandpa while our moms hopped from rock to boulder.

Thunder accompanied us on the way back, and we were napping indoors before the torrential rain started. See you next time, Sedona!