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Another Great Escape

For my latest in human entertaining, I've refrained from escaping from our backyard. They like to recount my numerous adventures jumping through windows, climbing fences, shimmying through the drain, and disappearing when it's most inconvenient (for example on moving day ... my human had to go back to our old house to find me). 
Yesterday Nacho created a diversion by pooping in the living room (he gets very excited at walk time and there are mere seconds to get him outdoors to go ... he's ancient like me). When my mom tried to toss the bag onto the front porch, I saw my opportunity and made a break for it, then casually sauntered down the front steps with my leash trailing behind me.

I may have taught them a little too well, because I was calmly followed to the sidewalk and my leash stepped on to halt me. It helps that I never try to play in traffic. You're welcome.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Chew

Bacchus, Nacho, and Carapa grabbed their chews and ran to their cave bed. I happily gnawed on mine in my crate so bossy pants Carapa wouldn't try to steal it (I may be old, but I will throw down).  

Seconds later Nacho was running back and forth and back and forth, chewless. Sometimes he drops things. My human followed his route a couple times without finding anything. Could Bacc or Carap have already finished theirs and stolen his?
It wasn't anywhere along the way, and each of us appeared have only our one rawhide. Curiouser and curiouser, my mom poked around Bacchus with her toe while he happily chomped away. When she examined Carapa, she found her laying on Nacho's chew! I told you she was sneaky.

Happy National Dog Day!

Happy happy Dog Day! There were so many cute pictures of people's beloved dogs on the interwebs today. My humans snuggled us a lot, gave us chews, and we relaxed in air conditioning. I stole my mom's spot in the morning, and fell asleep before she could stretch her legs out on the bed at night. 
We made cupcakes, and got some delicious crumbs. Nom nom nom.

Fix it Herself: My Human vs the Autoclave

An important looking screw hit the ground, and the pin slid out precariously from the heavy hinge on the autoclave door. My antsy human and I waited for it to cool down, and attacked the project armed with dubious internet advice. 
We reattached the hinge, but couldn't decide if it was even. In a moment of misguided thoroughness we removed the entire heavy door, learning that aligning both hinges was tougher than one. I danced around for moral support until it was done. 

Fix it Herself: Upholstering Benches

SO our benches were ugly. We added hinges for storage, and painted them multiple times, but they were uncomfortable and scratched easily. They turned blue when jeans touched them. My humans got tropical fabric, cotton batting, and a clear shower curtain liner. I helped by napping on their project.

Hours of cutting later, they staple gunned the whole shebang together. Would it all fit back together?

Dog Spider

I really really really wanted to eat my chew on the couch. Due to the layer of rawhide residue permanently coating all of the pet beds, this is illegal in my household. My human placed me on a throw rug that I've also claimed, and I spronged back onto the couch with my chew. 
They tried to gently push me off, and I made myself very flat. I spread my limbs out very wide. I held on like a dog spider, defying gravity longer than they expected. I ran into the kitchen, then hopped back onto the sofa! I finished my treat in my crate.

Shyla Has A Question: Why Choose?

My humans were trying to decide what to eat AGAIN ... this seems to be a common problem for them. 
Why choose? Eat it all! We'll raid the fridge, order a pizza, bake cookies, and hit some drive-throughs.

If I had an opposable thumb, I would eat everything. Go on, eat it all!

Slurpfast in Bed

Sometimes I have to put myself to bed. I curl up enticingly, then sigh loudly when my human walks by and doesn't join me.

While getting ready to turn in last night, she walked by me in bed with my water bowl to refill. I barely had to crane my neck to take a surprise slurp. She stood there obligingly while I drank my fill from atop our cozy duvet, and then I continued snoozing. Will my breakfast be served in bed also?

Queen of Boogie Woogie

Tonight my human and I had a date. I took her to the Trolley Barn Park for a free concert! 
Sue Palmer and Her Motel Swing Orchestra got us up and dancing. 
I met many other pups, and we saw the nice ladies from our camping trip.