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How Pet Friendly Is San Diego?

Errands were looming, but I was being adorable.

I was strapped into my carseat, with the plan to run as many errands as businesses would let me come in. We bypassed indoor restaurants to avoid the wrath of the Health Department.
The dog park's poop bag dispensers were repaired, and the bank fed me a LOT of treats. I was cooed at and allowed in the dressing room, the comic shop, and given another treat at the hardware store. We passed a canine cousin on the way out!

100% dog friendly day.  Dang.

Intelligent Life

'Texting and driving? HIGHLY ILLOGICAL,' proclaimed the digital sign over the highway near Salt Lake City. Were we in a movie? Was someone in charge a Star Trek fan?
A few minutes of beautiful scenery later, the message was 'BUCKLE UP SCOTTY.'

Finally we drove under 'SAVE WARP SPEED FOR CAPTAIN KIRK.' Well played, Utah

Happy Pride! 2016

We raced to reach the parade route on time. The ground was hot, so I was held while my parasol-shaded patch cooled down. I befriended an infant who liked my soft ears. I liked the crumbs on her hands. 
Flamingos were hung outside restaurants with care, with hopes that revelers soon would be there. There were dog rescues, amazing drag queens, businesses, swag, belly dancers and more!

As the processional floats became further and fewer between, I was whisked home to nap. Happy Pride everyone!

What's This?

Please sing to The Nightmare Before Christmas: 'What's This?'

What's this? What's this?
There's asphalt everywhere
What's this?
You'll park without a care

What's this?
Shyla will supervise
I can't believe my eyes
Wake up neighbors, is this real?
What's this?

What's this? What's this?
There were potholes everywhere
What's this?
Cement flies through the air
What's this?
The alley is lined with
Toiling humans laughing
The road is fixed for low cost
Are you sure that I'm not lost?
What is this? What's this?


As we unrolled the tent on the beach, it caught the wind like a kite. It billowed wildly as the poles were slid into place. Soon it was held down with our menagerie. 
We ate snacks, joyfully lapped from our travel water bottle, and napped. The bay was our lullaby. 
Several hours before high tide, the water was getting alarmingly close. 
As we broke down our tent, fighting with it like Mary Poppins's umbrella, the ocean was a foot from our door!
We made our escape just in time.

Bedtime Battle

Instead of eagerly following our pack to bed, Nacho lay snoozing in the living room. He was gently woken up, then walked a couple feet and laid back down.  When picked up he squawked. Finally he was herded, step-by-step, to the boudoir. 
This was the dance that used to frustrate us many evenings until our uncle spilled the beans. He took one look at our apparently simple-minded and/or deaf brethren, and commented that Nacho was so smart he was playing dumb to get his way. We were floored.

Now even Nacho jumps up and runs to bed when he sees the Glucosamine Chondroitin tablet he loves. It's gobbled down enthusiastically only after he comes when he's called. 

The Battle of Bedtime is over.  Good night, folks!