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Blooper Reel

My human thought it would be adorable to give us treats from our stockings while filming.

Nacho lunged for the delicious holiday rawhide hanging out of his green glittery stocking. Suddenly his paw caught in the hanger, he shrieked, pooped on the kitchen floor, and Carapa ran off with his chew.

Shyla Paws

She's asleep when you are sleeping

She's asleep when you're awake

She's asleep whether you've been bad or good

So pet her belly for goodness sake

Poop Dent

My human frantically checked the bottom of her shoes, and our paws. There was not just poop in the hallway, but dented poop in the hallway.

Of all the paws and feet in our household, was someone accidentally spreading the stinky surprise?

Once every one's appendages were examined and no more unpleasantness was discovered, my people were pretty relieved. With two ancient pups in our pack, we're aiming happily low!

Ornamental Pup

My paw plunged into the squishy clay for reasons unknown to me. 
Last year my human got an ornament kit for the holidays, and they finally made it tonight. 
I would rather have eaten it.