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Brightly colored parrotfish darted through schools of yellow tang, while pairs of butterflyfish lazily grazed. Agile Moorish idols, a fish notoriously difficult to keep in captivity, flitted around. A trumpetfish slowly marched by, its long body a surprising delight. Red slate pencil urchins dotted the reef, pocked with pale rock-boring urchins and a single crown-of-thorns sea star.

They kept a respectful distance from an undulating freckled snake eel, and followed some little spotted pufferfish home. A lizardfish skulked by, and two flounder slid camouflagingly along the sea floor. Among the rocks, three green sea turtles munched on algae, oblivious to the cuteness they were causing.

Out in the deep, a pod of spinner dolphins surrounded my honored people.

Meanwhile I snoozed, dry and relatively mosquito-free, in my auntie's arms on the mainland. I miss my humans, but sometimes they need to return to the sea. I suspect they're part mermaid.