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Say Cheese!

Trees grew along the river, and the trail was wide and breezy. We meandered toward a scenic bend in the road, and my human decided to pose us for a picture.  
In her mind she would stay out of sight while holding our four leashes, and we pups would all face the camera adorably. 
As she climbed between the posts of the railing to hide in the bushes, Carapa jumped in too. The rest of us stood in disarray.  Mr Bacchus would only face the river philosophizing, and Nacho tried to eat things on the ground.
It's a good thing we're cute!

Wild Night*

As I danced with a hotel lampshade on my head, Carapa jumped from queen bed to queen bed. Nacho passed out dog beer, and we kept the music pumping. 
Suddenly familiar voices wafted from down the hall. We shooed the local dogs out, and Mr Bacchus turned off the music with his paw.  
We heard the key in the lock, and hurried back to our places.  Our humans had to sign a pet friendly room waiver, so please don't tell them about our dog party!

shhh ... the after party video is viewable on computers ...