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Sip N Stroll

What's this? Hot dogs wrapped in bacon? Fish and chips? Hawaiian shaved ice (I actually got some of this)? I walked a little bit, cleaning up crumbs, and then road in my buggy to North Pacific Beach's 3rd Annual Sip N Stroll

There were tweens playing some mean surf guitar, and plenty of other pooches to sniff. Local businesses turned out wares and delicious food, and friendly neighbors relaxed in the shade. There were crafts for the kids, and craft brews in the beer garden. We'll be back next year!

Poop Report

The day was starting to heat up. My human grabbed our leashes and we jumped around like maniacs. We're awfully cute, but finally sat politely to let her know we wanted to walk. 

Nacho popped a squat immediately on the side walk in front of our house. He's an old-timer and sometimes gets so excited he doesn't make it that far. Carapa pooped as two other dogs were catching up to us. My human scrambled to pick it all up (how does such a little pooch produce this much?). Just in time she got it all without getting any on her hands, then whisked Carap across the street without her barking at the newcomers, suspense-movie style. My poop was stuck to me, and my human had to help as I waddled around, fertilizing our neighbor's lawn. Bacchus went in the bushes so she really had to hunt. The glamor!

Fix it Herself: Sluggish Air Conditioning

The cold solar-powered air conditioning wafted into...every room except the one we were in! Noticing the vent was carpeted in (ahem) dog fur, we pried up the cover and removed a canine tumbleweed. We were rewarded with cool relief.

I would like to point out that the more dogs are on the furniture, the less we'll shed into floor ducts. Just sayin'.   

Rain Rain Don't Go Away

A loud thunder clap awoke my human. Behold, TWO dogs on the bed instead of just lil ol me!

Was he being sneaky? Legitimately afraid of the storm? He answered our query by hiding in the closet and shaking. We used to be tough Caribbean dogs, accustomed to glorious torrential downpours. He calmed down with pets and snuggles. Is there anything that cuddling can't improve?

To Catch A Shy

The trap was sprung. My favorite blanket was placed on the chaise lounge. I tried to resist, but then it sucked me in.

This is how to catch a Shy.

Shyla and the Joy of Cooking: Pancakes

As the pancake was flipped prematurely, batter sprayed across the kitchen and onto my fur. It was epic. I licked up anything I could, and let some dry on my shoulder for a snack (a.k.a. I could not reach it).

This is why I stalk you when you're cooking.

3 Blankets for Every Dog

Sung to the Beach Boys Surf City:

I got a really soft blanket and we call it Doom
(Blanket City here we come)

I love it so much we now have three in our room
(Blanket City here we come)

I don't even care when it's too hot
I touch that blanket and I'm out like a shot

We're going to Blanket city cause it's three to one
We're going to Blanket City not gettin' much done

3 blankets for every dog!

Dogcation: Camping!!!

Items were gathered from the dark recesses of the garage. A box of food was packed, including my kibble (this is usually a good sign). There was a squishy air mattress and sleeping bag that I'm pretty sure were mine. We sat in dirt and smelled good cooking smells for days. People dropped scraps of steak, pork chops, and chorizo. Have I mentioned I live with vegetarians?

I went on a short hike with a pack of big dogs, and saw the pretty lake. I snoozed during the Texas Hold em game and hoped the winner would be awarded something edible. I nibbled on a mouse until my prize was taken from me.

Mornings I bounced around my human on our mattress (which slowly lost a little air each night) until she realized I wanted to be up with the sun! Then I snoozed while the humans bustled about making coffee and breakfast. Evenings I relaxed by the fire and eyed distractedly guarded roasting marshmallows.