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Sick Day

I woke up and my ear hurt so I flicked it a lot.  I dug at it with my paws.  I rubbed it on things.

My goal was to pull a Ferris Bueller, but my humans noticed, and soon I was on my way to the hospital.  They looked in my ear with a plastic cone and I yelped dramatically.  It didn't really hurt, but I wanted to ensure that I'd be coddled for the rest of my visit.

While they looked at my ear goop under the microscope, I waited on a comfy bed with a fresh beverage, which I knocked over and wiggled in. Now damp, I flicked water on the hard working techs as they walked by.  Rudy, one of the hospital cats, really showed me how it was done.

Turns out my ear was infected with yeast and bacteria!  Ouch.  Since my ear drum was intact (I could have told them that), I was sent home with ear cleaner and medicine.  I shook my head after each treatment, but my ear feels a lot better now. Thank you!

Ice Cream Hammock

My siblings are home!  My siblings are home! They've been with my San Diego uncle, going on long walks and swims.  I don't know why we weren't all allowed in the airplane's cabin.  We definitely wouldn't have stolen your snacks <looks innocent>.

Tonight there was talk of getting me an ice cream hammock.  I envisioned an extraordinarily comfortable hammock, swinging gently in the breeze, perhaps full of pillows, with a bowl of delicious ice cream on each one.  All for me. Nom nom nom. 

My humans envisioned a hammock where they could stash me so they could eat ice cream in peace. The best part of my fantasy could have come true, if only they nodded off with that ice cream.  


"What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee?"

     ~ Anthony Trollope

A sofa, a book, a cup of coffee, and your pet!


Shyla's East Coast Adventure Part II

I attended a late night barbeque in Rhode Island and tried to swipe smores.  A German shepherd and I made friends, and then I snored while firecrackers were thrown in the bonfire and set off above me. I had lots of beauty sleep to catch up on afterward.

The next day there was a lobster festival in Rockport.  As cute as I was as a crustacean, they would have been better in my mouth.

In front of the pet store on the granite pier there was a gum ball machine with delicious cheesy puppy treats.  I ate my twenty-five cents worth, cleaned up the crumbs on the ground, and some children fed me more while my humans were window shopping. Good children!  

The scenery was nice too.

I slept from Boston to New York to California. Our vacation was a success!  I only escaped twice, broke a lamp, and ate two delicious items of mystery.  Never underestimate the power of cute.

Shyla's East Coast Adventure Part I

Last night I returned from the east coast.  Luckily they didn't weigh me before my flight as my humans were chuckling about my neck favorite souvenir!

The San Diego airport has an indoor pet relief area full of interesting smells.  I had a little pink pill stuck in some food they knew I couldn't resist.  My moms stuck me in a comfy carrier and I woke up in Boston with my uncle.  I showed my enthusiam by licking his cookie while he tried to drive.
We spent a couple days with the fam on a houseboat.  I made friends with a cocker spaniel that visited several times, and surprised everyone by letting myself out of my crate to greet them when they returned from dinner!  They bought me a hoodie...zzzz...

I made lots of friends in P town while wearing my rainbow tutu.  There was a doggie water fountain, but I was more interested in eating a dead bird.  I met lots of dogs in the park and sneakily drank a puddle at an outdoor restaurant. The houses had lots of windows for nap…