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May Your Lightsaber Be With You

A fan whirred, and suddenly Jabba the Hutt was in our living room. 
My humans had a space-themed Halloween party to go to and needed our help. Luckily the Princess Leia bra kept falling off me, so I was off the hook. Plan B only required my picture.
We inspected the chewable props they were sewing, and Nacho stole one ... or a couple ... 

Secret Agent Shy

My humans raced through the windy roads leaving Palm Springs. Their weekend revolved around the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Desert Ramblin' N' Gamblin' Rodeo, but I had other plans.
We've been binge watching the Blacklist, and I've learned a thing or two about germ warfare. I sprinkled some flu on my Uncle Scott, and a sore throat on one of my moms, and they came home early! 
Time to snuggle them all better.

Spa Ferret / Escape Platform

My uncle refurbished a hot tub and brought it over. He forgot the door to the motor, and I immediately crawled inside the housing! My humans were less than thrilled by my maneuver ... they used the cover to block my hidey hole.

Would the jacuzzi be used for its intended purpose, or a stair to help me jump over the fence? Would my moms ever get out of the warm water, or sit in it for the rest of their lives? They're wondering if pizza can be delivered to the backyard.

Shylalocks and the Three Blankets

There once was a dog named Goldypaws. Or Shylalocks. You choose. Her human received a soft blanket as a gift, and this little dog loved it so much. She would ignore everything else (except food) once she touched it. She was enchanted. One day her other human came home with a very soft blanket also. Now our heroine had two choices! 
Shylapaws was not the best at sharing, which is odd because she only weighed twenty pounds. Eventually, tired of being cold, a third blanket was purchased.

But which one should Goldyshy lay on? Life is full of important choices.