Nacho staggered into the room, collapsing several times on his way to his bed. My humans rushed to help him, staring in curious horror. Was our ancient pup seriously ill, or had he eaten something again? Think.

So far, 30 pound Nacho had eaten: a bag of Aleve (canine kidney killer) the evening of a company party at a brand new job, a bloodhound's anti-inflammatory (way too much for his tiny liver), and enough clean kitty litter to cause him to wretch and lurch and whine miserably until they once again made him throw up his treasure. Think.

. Nacho got up and timbered again. Think.

A small smile started playing on my human's face. "He looks like a pup who overdosed on flea medication... but how?" They rummaged through the packaging, checking the safety range. "Even if he ate Bacchus' too, this says it won't kill him or cause any permanent damage." 
They looked at Bacchus, a notorious medication spitter-outer. 

They raised their eyebrows at Nacho, …

The Great Gate Escape by Carapa

Long ago, when our backyard fence was feeble, I watched Shyla hop through one of the large openings. Curious, I followed her, with my human hollering after us.

Ever the dutiful pupil, I precariously balanced between the posts of my new fence. By contorting my tiny body, I lowered myself down to the dark part of the yard. As the coyotes hunted and cried nearby, I went on a nocturnal adventure.

Let me demonstrate my skills
Once I was done with the smells and leaving pee mail around, I stood on the wrong side of the gate and barked indignantly.

Tails of Trickery: Michelin Dog

Neither of my humans realized how much I was eating, and that the other had fed me. 
My humans were so accustomed to me, they didn't notice the rolls of squishy snugly fat appear, rippling off my body and bulging around my collar. Eating as much as their previous big dogs, I obligingly ballooned up.

pet my chubby jowels
"Is that Shyla?" my grandparents asked in astonishment.

"We've never seen a little dog poop that much," my sitters, the stool pigeons, commented. I was put on a diet and slimmed back down. It was delicious while it lasted!

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Trinidad Tails: A Great Escape

Following many escapes, my somehow-still-naive human left her kitchen window open. I guess she thought this was safe to do as it was some distance to the window above the kitchen sink <insert dog laughter>. 

I waited until she was leaving for a long day, and swiftly hopped out of the window. She chased me for a while, but I had things to do! In rare defeat (I made her late many times already, I always came back and was smart about cars, and we lived in a country where dogs ran free), she shrugged and headed off to catch the bus (maxi). Perhaps she thought I would be fretting at the front door later on, lesson learned. 
Once I made sure all was right with the outside world, I jumped back through an even higher window and simply waited for dinner. Inside, I sat lazily relaxing in the kitchen and innocently batted my eyes at her while she gawked at me. Not much surprises my human anymore...

Of Eggs and Espionage

We gathered in the kitchen attentively, anticipating our yolk treats. 

My human had been snacking on hard boiled eggs and saving us the best part. 

Little did we know, we had a rustler among our ranks. Surprised, she noticed our suspiciously diminished pile. 

Mr Bacchus, International Dog of Mystery, had already sneaked our snacks! He then rejoined our ranks and then waited innocently for our pilfered prize.

Puppies to the Rescue!

Our uncle was in trouble! We raced to northern California to check on him. We were forced to stay in a cabin in the beautiful redwoods, because it's hard to find accommodations for our entire furry family. 

Pound for pound, shouldn't we be allowed in establishments for only two fur kids <bats long doggie eyelashes>?  

Our humans took us on a long hike to tire us out, and we napped while they visited our favorite uncle. 

On arrival, he was doing much better! They played ping pong, basketball, and did yoga together. Before we left, they found a dog-friendly steam train that went through the redwoods! 

I charmed some little girls, who dragged their mother over to sit by us. They petted me the entire hour we chugged along the tracks. 

We headed back during the eclipse, stopping for Noah's puppy bagels on our way. Happily, the world has gone to the dogs.

Your Food Must Be Tastier Than Mine

Nacho staggered around the room, panting and shaking and arching his back.

My moms gathered around him, checking out his cute little body for clues. Why was he acting so strange? 

While searching the house, they discovered a chewed up empty ziplock bag. Our bloodhound buddy Moksha had come to visit, and her food and pills were gone.

Relieved the mystery was solved, they helped him vomit while he tried to eat everything all over again. Nacho!