Trustworthy CBD Without THC

Java stood with her tail tucked and belly tense. Her human told us she had run around at the dog park, and now was reluctant to jump up on the bed and couch, two of her favorite places. Her delicate little face asked for help. 

After using a cold therapy laser on her tense muscles, she began to visibly relax. She happily swallowed her anti-inflammatory, and enthusiastically chomped some CBD on a treat. 

Java wagged her tail for us and headed home to relax and heal.

Social Distancing and a Sick Kitty

The phone rang at Turquoise Animal Hospital. A sweet calico cat who had been peeing outside her litter box was in our parking lot! A friendly veterinary technician collected her, staying six feet from her human to limit the spread of Coronavirus.

Once inside the hospital, the veterinarian and cat's human chatted on the phone. Was this a urinary tract infection? A bladder stone? An inflamed urinary bladder? They decided to start with a urinalysis. which came back full of bacteria and white blood cells.  After a long acting antibiotic shot, she felt much better!

Thank you to everyone helping to keep us healthy and yourselves healthy by adapting to social distancing! Stay safe and wash your hands! 

Acupuncture to the Rescue!

Bella Boo Butt slowly and painfully sat on her cushion while Dr Chu gently examined her, found her sore and chi deficient areas, and then came to her rescue with electroacupuncture!

Bella stood patiently while tiny needles were placed on top of her head, down her achy spine, her legs, and arthritic hips. Tiny jumper cable-like clips were gingerly attached to the acupuncture needles, and a therapeutic current was slowly increased. The second Bella seemed restless, the current was decreased for her comfort.

After her session, once the needles were gently removed, Bella strutted her stuff and wagged her nub tail happily!

The Reluctant Bed Wetter

Mr Bacchus walked into the room, and peed on the carpet in front of his dismayed humans for the first time in twelve years. As they sprinted to contain the mess, the phone in our secret lair jangled. We were on the case!

Since Bacchus was an older male dog, infection was less likely but never impossible. Did he have urinary bladder stones? Diabetes? Adrenal disease?

Happily, Bacchus' xrays didn't show stones in his bladder. His urinalysis and culture didn't grow any bacteria. However, his blood work was suspicious of one of two things: leukemia or tick disease.  We crossed our paws for tick disease, the least of the evils, even though he was an apparently tick-free short coated house dog.

Tick disease, specifically Ehrlichia, is a bacteria that lives inside white blood cells and is spread by tick bites. There are no tick control products yet that kill ticks faster than infected tick bites spread the bacteria. It is now endemic in San Diego, meaning it's here to stay. …

Sick Day: Holy Ear Infection!

I woke up and my ear hurt so I flicked it a lot.  I dug at it with my paws.  I rubbed it on things.

My goal was to pull a Ferris Bueller, but my humans noticed, and soon I was on my way to the hospital.  They looked in my ear with a plastic cone and I yelped dramatically.  It didn't really hurt, but I wanted to ensure that I'd be coddled for the rest of my visit.

While they looked at my ear goop under the microscope, I waited on a comfy bed with a fresh beverage, which I knocked over and wiggled in. Now damp, I flicked water on the hard working technicians as they walked by.  Rudy, one of the hospital cats, really showed me how it was done.

Turns out my ear was infected with yeast and bacteria!  Ouch.  Since my ear drum was intact, I was sent home with ear cleaner and medicine.  I shook my head after each treatment, but my ear feels a lot better now. Thank you!

New Treat Dispenser

Our humans eat more than twice a day. We would like to eat more often too! But how?

One day, food started falling off the counter, so we started hanging out nearby. We would gaze at whatever our tiny human was eating, and sooner or later he shared some with us! 

Broccoli, brussels sprouts, peas, and teething crackers rained down.  Our hero!

New Puppy

Even before my human's belly began to grow, I could tell there was a little one inside. A LONG time later, they brought home a large, bald puppy. Only one? Was this her first litter?
We gently sniffed him while he cooed. Mr Bacchus gallantly leant him the prime spot on the big bed.

It's been many months...shouldn't he move out by now? When the heck will he walk?