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Luau to See You

Fiora Firefly daintily took a sip from an ornate bottle, and then blew a fireball that lit up the sky. We were already amazed by her performance including a flaming baton, nun chucks, and fire eating.

Inside, the piƱa colada fountain cascaded and tropical music played while people and pets mingled.
We're looking forward to the Open House next year! That is, if we don't all join the circus. 

Shyla Elevator

I waited patiently on the edge of the bed, vibrating joyously. 
It was doggie dinnertime, and my human gently lowered me to the food court level with an Aerosmith serenade.

Once I was emptied and filled, it was time for my seventeenth (or so) nap of the day. 


Wow folks! It's been two years, and the antics haven't stopped. 
Thank you for your interest and fun comments! If you miss me when my human gets too busy to type, my instagram is @shyla_howtotrainyourhuman. Thank you thank you thank you for reading!