Nacho Nacho Man

Nacho is my big little brother.  He was a stray dog who ended up as a veterinary school laboratory dog.  He was so sweet (and old) that he stole my human's dog loving heart.

Pajamas nom nom nom

Nacho enjoys chewing on things he shouldn't, sun bathing (he's my only sibling who smacks the door with his paw when he wants out), snuggling with Bacchus against his will, and belly rubs.

I'm the little spoon

Not planning on rubbing his belly?  He'll run up, lay on your feet, and present his belly.  He's so smart he had my humans convinced for years that he was slow.  He got away with a lot until a dog trainer noticed this.  The jig was up!

#MachoMachoMan #NachoLibre


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