Caffeinated Boa Constrictor

What's this? A new bed, leash, and toy? A short car ride later, and we were at my human's engineering office for my Office Dog in Training interview.  It was perhaps my first elevator ride and then I was ushered in. 

reporting for snoozing!
My mom thought I would nap all day, but I was too excited. I charmed her office mates, but would only lay still if her foot touched me at all times. My true tactic was to keep her chained to her work so that I would be allowed back!  

trying out my new desk
I shrieked when she left me during a quick bathroom break. Kindly, I did not hackingly try to swallow my chews with the enthusiasm of a caffeinated boa constrictor as I do at home.

whew! is it yappy hour now?
Apparently I made the cut, as I was asked back and get to meet my boss, Guinness the OG Office Dog, next week!


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