Puppies to the Rescue!

Our uncle was in trouble! We raced to northern California to check on him. We were forced to stay in a cabin in the beautiful redwoods, because it's hard to find accommodations for our entire furry family. 

all the light touches is yours

Pound for pound, shouldn't we be allowed in establishments for only two fur kids <bats long doggie eyelashes>?  

I approve!

So you're saying we should eat our chews on our beds, not their nice rug? Deal!

Our humans took us on a long hike to tire us out, and we napped while they visited our favorite uncle. 

Big Basin Redwoods State Park

On arrival, he was doing much better! They played ping pong, basketball, and did yoga together. Before we left, they found a dog-friendly steam train that went through the redwoods! 

Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow-Gauge Railroad

I charmed some little girls, who dragged their mother over to sit by us. They petted me the entire hour we chugged along the tracks. 

who could resist?

We headed back during the eclipse, stopping for Noah's puppy bagels on our way. Happily, the world has gone to the dogs.


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