Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Fun Day!

What's today? Sunday Fun Day!

Goin my way?

This morning I brunched at R Gang Eatery. They have tatter tots stuffed with different cheeses and meats, and a plethora of Bloody Mary options. I'm too young to drink, so I had ice cubes and some soyrizo that landed on the ground. Yum!

Slide those leftovers a little closer

We went on a walk through the neighborhood and found a branch of the Balboa Trails we hadn't explored yet that was cool and green. I passed out in my stroller pretty quickly. My human hiked barefoot to try Earthing.

I go out walkin...before midnight...

At home we ALL passed out. Tired critters are good critters!

Out in the sunlight, just like we used to do

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