Shyla's East Coast Adventure Part II

I attended a late night barbeque in Rhode Island and tried to swipe smores.  A German shepherd and I made friends, and then I snored while firecrackers were thrown in the bonfire and set off above me. I had lots of beauty sleep to catch up on afterward.

The next day there was a lobster festival in Rockport.  As cute as I was as a crustacean, they would have been better in my mouth.

In front of the pet store on the granite pier there was a gum ball machine with delicious cheesy puppy treats.  I ate my twenty-five cents worth, cleaned up the crumbs on the ground, and some children fed me more while my humans were window shopping. Good children!  

The scenery was nice too.

I slept from Boston to New York to California. Our vacation was a success!  I only escaped twice, broke a lamp, and ate two delicious items of mystery.  Never underestimate the power of cute.


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