Shyla's East Coast Adventure Part I

Last night I returned from the east coast.  Luckily they didn't weigh me before my flight as my humans were chuckling about my neck favorite souvenir!

The San Diego airport has an indoor pet relief area full of interesting smells.  I had a little pink pill stuck in some food they knew I couldn't resist.  My moms stuck me in a comfy carrier and I woke up in Boston with my uncle.  I showed my enthusiam by licking his cookie while he tried to drive.

We spent a couple days with the fam on a houseboat.  I made friends with a cocker spaniel that visited several times, and surprised everyone by letting myself out of my crate to greet them when they returned from dinner!  They bought me a hoodie...zzzz...

I made lots of friends in P town while wearing my rainbow tutu.  There was a doggie water fountain, but I was more interested in eating a dead bird.  I met lots of dogs in the park and sneakily drank a puddle at an outdoor restaurant. The houses had lots of windows for napping in.

I was even welcomed into a store that didn't allow humans in strollers!

Not all of the beaches were dog friendly as the terns and plovers were nesting.  We found one, and I tried to act nonchalant as we passed the rangers and politely stayed on my leash.  No birds were harmed during the making of this blog.


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