My Humans Are Home!

My humans are home!  My humans are home!  

Exercise, discipline...cuddles!

I sent them to Seattle to see good friends, and selflessly went to stay with my uncle. They missed me terribly, especially at a museum containing expensive art made of glass.

Did Chihuly have helpful pets?

They went to the Children's Museum and the Pacific Science Center.  There were dinosaurs, sharks, bugs under rocks, a tidepool, and an adorable toddler carrying a plastic otoscope from room to room. Real butterflies flew around them and they helped build a pinball machine (below is a video that won't play on mobile devices).

They ate vegan pizza and curry popcorn while watching The Jerk in the theater! They came back full of amazing food from the Seattle Center ArmoryRom Mai Thai, and The 5 Point Cafe.      

Get in my belly
I'll accompany them on their next trip if Seattle promises not to rain.

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