Dogcation: Camping!!!

Items were gathered from the dark recesses of the garage. A box of food was packed, including my kibble (this is usually a good sign). There was a squishy air mattress and sleeping bag that I'm pretty sure were mine. We sat in dirt and smelled good cooking smells for days. People dropped scraps of steak, pork chops, and chorizo. Have I mentioned I live with vegetarians?

this is the life
I went on a short hike with a pack of big dogs, and saw the pretty lake. I snoozed during the Texas Hold em game and hoped the winner would be awarded something edible. I nibbled on a mouse until my prize was taken from me.

Mornings I bounced around my human on our mattress (which slowly lost a little air each night) until she realized I wanted to be up with the sun! Then I snoozed while the humans bustled about making coffee and breakfast. Evenings I relaxed by the fire and eyed distractedly guarded roasting marshmallows.

are you going to drop that?


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