Poop Report

The day was starting to heat up. My human grabbed our leashes and we jumped around like maniacs. We're awfully cute, but finally sat politely to let her know we wanted to walk. 

Carapa: WALK! Bacchus: I'm excited too but your tail is smacking me in the face

Nacho popped a squat immediately on the side walk in front of our house. He's an old-timer and sometimes gets so excited he doesn't make it that far. Carapa pooped as two other dogs were catching up to us. My human scrambled to pick it all up (how does such a little pooch produce this much?). Just in time she got it all without getting any on her hands, then whisked Carap across the street without her barking at the newcomers, suspense-movie style. My poop was stuck to me, and my human had to help as I waddled around, fertilizing our neighbor's lawn. Bacchus went in the bushes so she really had to hunt. The glamor!

We will be snoring in seconds


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