Faking it to Get Chews

As I hacked violently, my human dangled a delectable rawhide chew in front of me. Distracted, I was able to stop coughing and gnaw away. I'm definitely sick, but they're teasing me about faking now.

a snuggle a day keeps the doctor (mostly) away
Now that I'm a little old lady on top of having a collapsing trachea, I'm ill about once a year. This week I started with an ear infection, and added in an intense upper respiratory infection.

Home remedies that seem to help (in addition to my antibiotics and cough suppressants since my chest sounds clear) include ice cubes and distracting me with treats. How convenient. They've threatened to spray numbing OTC medicine in my throat if they can find one without xylitol (dog poison). Cough. Cuddle. Repeat.


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