Ghost Pee

"What is that smell?" the search began while I happily snored in an armpit. "Did they pee on the couch?" my moms asked in surprise and dismay, "maybe on a blanket? On one of their beds?" The quest continued. 

picture fumes rising off me

The sniffing around the room accelerated until the realization, "Oh no... it's Shyla..." My humans were nauseous at this point, my stench was so great. Mr Bacchus piddles on my head sometimes when I'm distracted by amazing odors in the yard. 

eau de Mr Bacchus?

Suddenly, I was transported to the bathtub. 

is this really necessary?

I stood miserably while water touched me. 

this is better

Once the terribleness was over, I was wrapped in a comfy towel and finished drying in the sunshine.  


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