Wilds of East County

THACK! flap flap

My ears perked up.

flap flap

My humans sat up in bed.

flap flap flap

We peered toward the dark balcony. First up at the trees, and then down at a tiny, dazed, bat with pale fur and shiny little eyes. Quickly, we shut off more lights to help the terrified creature get it's bearing.

My days of walking in the canyon only on weekends have been replaced by living on the edge of one. Multiple times a day we rush around sniffing the pee mail left for us by gophers, coyotes, and king snakes. Birds chatter and soar overhead. Our flowered tree is trying to single-handedly save the world's bees.

are you still out there, little one?

The next day, the Mexican free-tailed bat had returned home. Project Wildlife happily accepted our cupcakes anyway.


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