Tails of Trickery: Michelin Dog

Neither of my humans realized how much I was eating, and that the other had fed me. 

feed me, Seymour!
My humans were so accustomed to me, they didn't notice the rolls of squishy snugly fat appear, rippling off my body and bulging around my collar. Eating as much as their previous big dogs, I obligingly ballooned up.

pet my chubby jowels

"Is that Shyla?" my grandparents asked in astonishment.

this neck roll was tasty
"We've never seen a little dog poop that much," my sitters, the stool pigeons, commented. I was put on a diet and slimmed back down. It was delicious while it lasted!

#turquoisetails #bcs #bodyconditionscore #howtotrainyourhuman


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