Trinidad Tails: A Great Escape

Following many escapes, my somehow-still-naive human left her kitchen window open. I guess she thought this was safe to do as it was some distance to the window above the kitchen sink <insert dog laughter>. 

Turquoise Animal Hospital
adventure time! circa 2010
I waited until she was leaving for a long day, and swiftly hopped out of the window. She chased me for a while, but I had things to do! In rare defeat (I made her late many times already, I always came back and was smart about cars, and we lived in a country where dogs ran free), she shrugged and headed off to catch the bus (maxi). Perhaps she thought I would be fretting at the front door later on, lesson learned. 

Turquoise Animal Hospital
Looking for little ol' me?
Once I made sure all was right with the outside world, I jumped back through an even higher window and simply waited for dinner. Inside, I sat lazily relaxing in the kitchen and innocently batted my eyes at her while she gawked at me. Not much surprises my human anymore...


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