Exercising My Human

In my heyday I could jump eight feet high with no momentum. A brick was left beside a fence, making me tall enough to jump up, grab the edge with my paws, and wriggle over. I climbed chain link, slithering up it like a snake, and hung out with the guard dog next door (our tortoise also ended up there... luckily we had understanding neighbors).

she makes things up
As my human scooted out the door, laden down by parcels, I shot through her blind spot (under the pizza box) to freedom! She slammed the door so my siblings wouldn't follow me, dropped everything, and sprinted in my direction. Which way did I go? She spotted me running downhill (see how benevolent I can be?) and I smiled encouragingly as she chased me. 

I was here the whole time
She must be working out or something, because she caught me only one house over! I've evaded her many times in the past. As you can imagine, I needed a long nap after my great escape.


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