Paws in the Park

This morning was the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA's Walk for Animals. So many wonderful things happened. First, Nacho and I stole hash browns. 

your wanted the tablecloth to stay on the table?
Lots of people petted me, and I sniffed their canine companions (and two goats). A nice lady from the pet cemetery sketched me.

ready for my close up

look into my eyes
I ate a bagel off the ground and many treats. I tired out fast, and people took turns carrying me back to our booth.

much better than walking
arf arf
Nacho got his tuxedo wet in the rain (hooray! San Diego needs water), rolled in the table cloth, sniffed around for more snacks to pilfer, and then passed out in a chair. 

everything is mine
We saw the House Rabbit Society (I did not eat their bunnies), the dermatology clinic (thanks for making us not itch), the Honest Kitchen, and many more animal loving exhibitors. We met Mr Tuff the surfing chihuahua!

will my outfit entice you to visit us?
We hope lots of money was made to help all the animals! Nacho and I have adjusted to being pets. It's much nicer than being homeless and hungry. 

sleep-oozing out of the car


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