Viva La Weekend

We drove through the rain and fog enshrouded mountain roads rarely encountering a lone car. It was lovely. A rainbow stretched end to end across the sun lit valley, and we arrived in Palm Desert. I pilfered an empty snack bag, and it was more entertaining to photograph me than stop me.

nom nom nom
I happily marked my aunt's front yard, and met the other fur kids. Moksha and Shiva calmly greeted me, but Phoebe bristled. She soon realized I came in peace, and we were friends. I spronged onto the couch. This was illegal in their household, so my human sat on the floor with me on her lap.  At dinner time, my usual kibble was sprinkled with dried liver! I gobbled it up, and was rewarded with a bully stick segment (cut with a miter saw).

bathroom dog bed! I approve
We explored the yard, happily avoiding any rattlesnakes. Moksha was bitten last year, and thankfully survived. The gate was high enough for me to shimmy under, so I was supervised. After the other pups went to sleep, I was allowed on my human's bed on the down low. Our hostess didn't want them to see me up there.

are we there yet? zzz
Back at home I settled in on the couch. It's good to be queen.

couch throne


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