Another Great Escape

For my latest in human entertaining, I've refrained from escaping from our backyard. They like to recount my numerous adventures jumping through windows, climbing fences, shimmying through the drain, and disappearing when it's most inconvenient (for example on moving day ... my human had to go back to our old house to find me). 

very funny
Yesterday Nacho created a diversion by pooping in the living room (he gets very excited at walk time and there are mere seconds to get him outdoors to go ... he's ancient like me). When my mom tried to toss the bag onto the front porch, I saw my opportunity and made a break for it, then casually sauntered down the front steps with my leash trailing behind me.

I may have taught them a little too well, because I was calmly followed to the sidewalk and my leash stepped on to halt me. It helps that I never try to play in traffic. You're welcome.


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