The Mystery of the Disappearing Chew

Bacchus, Nacho, and Carapa grabbed their chews and ran to their cave bed. I happily gnawed on mine in my crate so bossy pants Carapa wouldn't try to steal it (I may be old, but I will throw down).  

we mostly love each other

Seconds later Nacho was running back and forth and back and forth, chewless. Sometimes he drops things. My human followed his route a couple times without finding anything. Could Bacc or Carap have already finished theirs and stolen his?

a little help here
It wasn't anywhere along the way, and each of us appeared have only our one rawhide. Curiouser and curiouser, my mom poked around Bacchus with her toe while he happily chomped away. When she examined Carapa, she found her laying on Nacho's chew! I told you she was sneaky.


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