Fix it Herself: The Sink is Leaking!

Sometimes I'm really busy napping. This may be why it's taken several weeks to check out the slowly leaking kitchen sink... oops.

Olympic sleep gold medalist

I moved all the wet under the sink items, cleaned up the water, and got ready to investigate. I may have licked up some of the water before my human could stop me. Delicious.

Delicacy: stagnant water

I held the mag light, and we turned on the water. No leaks on either side. Then we turned on the sprayer and two droplets sneaked down the braided hose. My human unscrewed the nozzle, checked the gasket, then tightened the nozzle back down. She turned on the sprayer and turned the nozzle every which way, trying to get it to leak again. No more drops appeared. Mystery solved? We shall see my friends, we shall see.

I fix things with my big cute eyes

Until next time. Zzzzzz.

#ChickenLittle #TheSkyIsFalling #Procrastination #OlympicNap


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