Road trips are way better than being crammed under a plane seat.  My food and bowls and crate and leash and carrier were packed.  I was seat belted in beside my Grandpa, and we were off to Lake Havasu.

Can't sleep, fear of missing something

There was a car with three (full size, not pygmy) goats sunning themselves on the roof and hood! We stopped in Glamis and wished for ATVs.

Giant litter box

The inn was surrounded by places to sniff.  I was welcomed by their sign.

Will there be pet massages?

The next morning my humans crated me and went to breakfast.  I surprised them when they returned!

Let me demonstrate

We saw the London Bridge and I was welcomed into the Visitor's Center.  They had a doggie water bowl inside.

I do my own stunts

We took a ferry to the casino and back and visited the fenced in dog park.  My Gpa got me a holiday outfit!  I needed another snooze after our adventures.

Jumping the holiday shark

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