Bedtime Chicken

Dear dogs, training your humans is fun and easy. You can do it in your spare time. We pooches know that carrying our own leash is a sign of dominance, but our people find this endearing.

Being born with eyeliner helps

At bedtime, I recommend playing asleep. When they call you, pretend you don't hear them or don't understand. If you do this long enough, and you're small, you can train them to carry you outside for your final bathroom break and tuck you in. 
Too tired to listen <wink>

If you're too big to be carried (according to your bipeds), all is not lost. I know some really large canines that have charmed their way into bed with their peeps! Persistence pays off. We have more time on our paws than they do, and we're adorable. Most of us are furry. Never give up, and you too can convince them to take better care of you than they do themselves. Don't worry, we lower their blood pressure and help them live longer.  It's win win!

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