Party Animal

I walked into the party and was greeted by old and new friends. We sniffed bums and promptly cleaned up any food dropped by our humans. You're welcome. The humans played fruit ninja, and I had watermelon for the first time. 

Gallagher style
I tasted crumbs from tortilla chips, attempted to lick marshmallow roasting forks, and tried to steal candy when the pinata finally burst. A little girl liked my sparkly rainbow leash and took me for a walk in the fenced backyard. She didn't want to give me back. I chaperoned my people all night and even escorted them to the facilities.

I recommend urinating on the lawn
My humans made sure I got along with the other pups, kept me away from the bonfire, and ensured I didn't go on the lam when new revellers opened the front door. We have each others' backs. 


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