Forced Marches

My grandparents live in doggie wonderland. There are little animals, they built a pond and a stream, and we're allowed to swim in the pool (which we loathe...but other dogs get in on purpose).

I leaped from the car and proceeded to smell everything that had happened in their rural yard since my last visit. My humans stayed very close to me because I may have jumped the fence here previously <innocent look>.

Yay strange dog bed!

Inside the house there were dog beds galore, and today the house was divided into big and little dog areas. I ran between the big dogs bouncing off their legs like a pinball. 

Food that isn't mine is beyond this baby gate

We usually go on a forced march (dubbed by cousin Tristan) after eating, but it was ninety-five degrees! We brought my granddad a birthday gift certificate and a we're- sorry-you-can-no-longer-eat-dairy care package (vegan mac and cheese, dairy free chocolate syrup, rice whipped cream, soy ice cream sandwiches, almond milk cookie dough and mint chocolate chip ice cream).

Where's Nach?

We headed home where it was still ninety degrees and went on a short walk. Our tongues were lolling out of our mouths, so our humans obediently took us home. Water tasted extra delicious!


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