Viva Las Vegas!

Get in the car, Vegas beckons. As the bright lights shone through our windows, I woke from my nap with my Elvis curl lip. My east coast uncle and grandpa met us at the Flamingo

Mo money!
I hear barking!
Yes, there were Chilean Flamingos... and macaws, cockatiels, pochards, red-eared sliders, and a pelican. Lots of people petted me and said they missed their four-legged kids.

That was a long drive

We visited Pet Kingdom USA and the house cat stalked me in my rolling carrier. We glanced longingly at the ferrets, bearded dragons, and the marmoset and then respected their feline security's wishes and made our getaway. 

My decorating tip for Turquoise Animal Hospital

The Venetian does Alice in Wonderland

This is my vote for the 'Pet Relief Area'

Highlights of our trip included almost eating a chicken bone in Barstow, sneaking my chew onto the hotel bed, pepperoni, and ice cubes from the Mad Greek Cafe.      

Magic food window


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