Destroy it Herself: I Trashed a Hotel Room (Door)

This weekend we went on a family vacation to Ft Bragg to see the sea glass.

can you believe we're all sort of looking at the camera?

We stopped many times to urinate in new places along the coast. When my humans dashed out to grab food for themselves (they packed our kibble), I was unhappy and did some minor damage to the already dilapidated hollow bathroom door. We glued it back together, and it looked better than when we arrived. 

my pawwork
We went to Noyo Dog Beach, strolled through the neighborhood, and went sea glass hunting. The International Sea Glass Museum was even pet friendly, but this sounded dangerous. The beach glass sites used to be a dump, and the ocean has ground down the glass that was once trash into treasure! Isn't nature amazing?

Noyo Dog Beach


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