No Cats Were Harmed During the Writing of this Blog

Recently my grandfather moved closer. Hooray! This weekend he was out of town, so we fed his cats. We used to be strays, and acknowledge three categories: people, other dogs, and anyone else is food. Nacho is very sweet, but ate a wild rat like a taco. 

going to grandpa's!
When we arrived after our road trip (Carapa barked at the border patrolman), the cats were herded into their rooms so we could safely be led through the house. We nearly stole cat food (aka chocolate cake for dogs). The backyard was HUGE and we happily ran around sniffing and peeing. A close eye was kept on me since I'm a notorious chainlink fence climber. 

hmmm... escape or lay in bed?
I sampled the kitty litter while my human cleaned it up, and Nacho got into a closet containing a huge delectable bag. Bacchus caught his leash on a folded up bed frame and the closet door. The bold cat Loco kept an eye on our door, and we eagerly smelled the delicious kitty scents underneath.


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