Exotics Expo

Today was Turquoise Animal Hospital's fourth annual Exotics Expo!  I was not invited.  I suspect this was due to an Incident.  I caught a wild iguana's tail and proudly paraded around with it flapping in my mouth.  I didn't realize the ig got away, and my human was relieved.  

Trench will follow you around like a dog...if you have a banana
There were birds, bunnies, a rosy boa, tortoises, a tarantula, geckos, a frog, a Yorkie dressed like a skunk, and an iguana who hung out in the front planter.  There was a lady doing animal acupuncture and reiki!  Amazing.

Hazie Mae rocks her nail polish
Malformed rosy boas need love too

Thank you to all the wonderful employees, family, friends, volunteers, caretakers, rescuers, organizations, and critters! Thank you Project WildlifeReiki for all Creatures, and Parrot Education and Adoption Center (PEAC).

Some cockatoos walk into a bar
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