I Fought the Blanket and the Blanket Won

My humans watched me climb head first into the blanket.  Why do I do these things deliberately?Was my head cold?  The lights too bright?  The reality tv so inane?

Don't be jealous of my lipomas
Then I heard something.  Was it food being procured?  Time to go to bed?  A chew?  These are a few of my favorite things.

My name is Shyla

I began battling the once comfortable, inviting blanket.   My strategy involved escaping head first.  Surely I would triumph!

You tangled my ancestors

I managed to stand, yet still could not be free of my worthy adversary.

Prepare to die

There is no yard that can contain me.  Who knew the humans only needed a blanket to vanquish me?

Houdini called he wants his blanket back

I admitted defeat and thought about taking a nap.   

#PrincessBride #BlanketDefeat #EscapeArtist #HoudiniDog


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