Have the Self Worth of Your Pet

I've noticed that my humans sometimes have trouble picking out their clothes.  I only wear clothes for warmth or to increase my appeal, which is hard to do.

Never trust animated people

I'm slightly barrel-chested, so outfits sometimes have to be modified to fit me.  This has gotten me wondering...what do large dogs wear?  If lil ol me wears a medium, what would a dashing Great Dane wear?  Or a rottie who wants to be all the rage?  A modish mastiff?   A contemporary cane corso?

I'm twenty pounds wearing a 'large'

Although my fur covers up my lumps and bumps, I know that humans feel self-conscious about their perceived physical defects.  I encourage all you humans to embrace the self worth your pet feels!  I don't blame you for wishing you were as cute as your companion, but as long as you pet my belly, you're great in my book.

#SelfWorth #GumbyPokey


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