Couch Surfin

When I first adopted my human, she had the misguided idea that dogs didn't belong on furniture (in part because her dogs were big).  I pretended to accept this at first, but slowly started re-training her.

Pay no attention to that dog behind the curtain

Over the years I'd sneak onto the bed.  I'm little so I'd convince people pet sitting me that I was allowed.  My human would see pictures and label them 'evidence' if she could tell I was on the furniture.

Nothing to see here...

With perseverance and patience on my part, I convinced her that snuggling with me all night was worth my occasional overzealous Breakfast Dance on her head.

What is this 'work' that you speak of?

Now she places me on the couch or bed and we spoon!

Quietly here I'll sleep I won't even make a peep

#SpoonYourDog #CouchSurfin #ReverendHortonHeat #WizardOfOz #DogOfOz


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