Wondrous Tales of Misadventure

When I first met my human I limed on her front porch and did as I pleased.  I came over daily for my eye medication.  Then one day I was snatched up to live in the house.  This was ok but I still had to make my rounds.

So comfy

I jumped the fence.  I wriggled through the drain (which was narrower than my skull...I have skills). I left through the kitchen window and returned before she did.  I climbed chain link into a guard dog's yard and made friends (the long suffering neighbors gave me back...along with a tortoise). I ran away on moving day.

My throne

I escaped on a plane and ran down the aisle (chihuahuas on a plane!).  I explored the neighbor's yard then went back to mine, but they told.  I went to a third neighbor's yard and pooped.

Where could I be?

All my misadventures have turned my moms into pros.  I haven't escaped in years...but I'm always watching for an opportunity.

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