Princess Lump-a-lot

I'm an older lady and therefore rather lumpy.  So far they've all been benign (phew!).  Recently a mass appeared and was growing rapidly so my human decided it needed to come off before it got too big.

I have a question...
They ran my blood work (I'm going to live forever) and checked my heart, and then I was cleared for take off.  I had an IV catheter in my arm and fluids to keep my organs happy and to help my body eliminate the drugs faster.  Then I floated off to dreamland.  

Intoxicated blogging
When I woke up my teeth were clean and I had sutures in my skin.  Any time I could, I would sneak and lick my stitches. My surgery site got red and irritated, so then I had to wear a bandage.  I really wanted to pull the bandage off, but enjoyed the attention and sympathy.  I'm even cuter with a bandage on.

Bandages are delicious
The results came back, and it was a benign cyst! Hooray!

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