Dream A Little Dream

One of my favorite pastimes is napping.  I nap in the car, in the yard, on the patio, in the sunshine, on my throne, on a dog bed, on the humans' bed (which is really mine too... aren't humans funny?), on my humans, under the bed, on the floor, on the couch, on the pillows on the couch... 

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

My human says I'm very worried and this is what I'm really doing when I appear to be sawing logs. There's no need for them to worry because I'm doing all the worrying for them.

I was so worried about the environment that I had to take a snooze.

Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you

I was so worried about politics that I dreamt I was eating comfort food [I need another nap because my video doesn't show up on all mobile devices/ web browsers].

I was so worried about the economy that a pillow fell on me and I continued napping.

But in your dreams whatever they be dream a little dream of me

Enjoy life!  Just rub my belly, then leave the worrying to me.

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